Olimpici Grand Prix 3 – 04.01.2020

U13 Results (kids)
Good news from the today’s tournament, which hosted 145 boys and 111 girls under 13.

In the pools round, Todorovski Matej and Bundaleski Ognen had 5 victories and 1 defeat each, Damjanoski Petar had 4 victories and 2 defeats, and Blazhevska Dafina had 3 victories and 3 defeats.

The overall ranking is in the following table. Congratulations to everybody, especially to Todorovski Matej for the extraordinary achievement.

Athlete Ranking
Todorovski Matej 14
Bundaleski Ognen 44
Damjanoski Petar 73
Blazhevska Dafina 74

The online results are here

Olimpici Grand Prix 3

Olimpici Grand Prix 3

Our young fencers will participate in the Olimpici Grand Prix tournament that takes place in Budapest, Hungary on Jan 24, 25 and 26. We wish them good luck…

Neda Kocevska
Dafina Blazhevska

Matej Todorovski
Petar Damjanoski
Ognen Bundaleski
Simon Bozhinovski