Macedonia Cup

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All Medalists
All Medalists
SRBINOSKI PetarBORECMKDSenior Men’s EpeeBronze (3rd)
NIKOLOVSKI NikolaESKRIMMKDSenior Men’s EpeeBronze (3rd)
BUNDALESKI OgnenESKRIMMKDU-14 Men’s EpeeGold (1st)
TODOROVSKI MatejESKRIMMKDU-14 Men’s EpeeSilver (2nd)
TRPKOVSKI PavelESKRIMMKDU-14 Men’s EpeeBronze (3rd)
DAMJANOSKI PetarESKRIMMKDU-14 Men’s EpeeBronze (3rd)
KOCEVSKA NedaESKRIMMKDU-14 Women’s EpeeGold (1st)
TRPKOVSKA MilaESKRIMMKDU-14 Women’s EpeeSilver (2nd)
BLAZEVSKA DafinaESKRIMMKDU-14 Women’s EpeeBronze (3rd)
BOZINOVSKI SimonESKRIMMKDCadet Men’s EpeeGold (1st)
VELICKOVSKI JovanESKRIMMKDCadet Men’s EpeeSilver (2nd)
SRBINOSKI PetarBORECMKDCadet Men’s EpeeBronze (3rd)
NIKOLOVSKI NikolaESKRIMMKDCadet Men’s EpeeBronze (3rd)
Tournament Result Summary
Tournament Result Summary
BLAZEVSKA DafinaESKU-14 Women’s Epee3
BOZINOVSKI SimonESKCadet Men’s Epee1
BOZINOVSKI SimonESKSenior Men’s Epee7
BUNDALESKI OgnenESKU-14 Men’s Epee1
DAMJANOSKI PetarESKU-14 Men’s Epee3T
DESPOTOVSKI AleksaESKU-14 Men’s Epee5
DESPOTOVSKI TeodorESKU-14 Men’s Epee6
KOCEVSKA NedaESKU-14 Women’s Epee1
NIKOLOVSKI NikolaESKCadet Men’s Epee3T
NIKOLOVSKI NikolaESKSenior Men’s Epee3T
RAMOV LeonidRABSenior Men’s Epee6
SRBINOSKI PetarBORSenior Men’s Epee3T
SRBINOSKI PetarBORCadet Men’s Epee3T
TASEVSKI IgnatijESKCadet Men’s Epee5
TODOROVSKI MatejESKU-14 Men’s Epee2
TRPKOVSKA MilaESKU-14 Women’s Epee2
TRPKOVSKI PavelESKU-14 Men’s Epee3T
VELICKOVSKI JovanESKSenior Men’s Epee5
VELICKOVSKI JovanESKCadet Men’s Epee2

08.12.2019 “Chocolate” tournament for kids under 14 in Sofia

Kids under 11: Ognen Bundaleski – first place and Petar Damjanoski – third place

Semi finals in U14. Ognen Bundaleski with maestral finish

Category Boys U14:
Ognen Bundaleski – 2 place
Petar Damjanoski – 6 place
Pavel Trpkovski – 9 place
Matej Todorovski – 10 place
Aleksa Despotovski – 15 place
Teodor Despotovski 16 place

Category Girls U14:
Dafina Blazhevska – 7 place
Neda Kocevska – 8 place

Congratulations to the athletes and their proud coaches for the great achievements

2019 – FIE Annual Congress in Lausanne


LAUSANNE, Switz., Nov. 30, 2019—After exactly 20 years, the Annual Congress of the International Fencing Federation (FIE) returned to the Olympic capital, with more than 300 delegates gathered in Lausanne, at the SwissTech Convention Centre.

The President of the International Fencing Federation, Mr. Alisher Usmanov, welcomed, at the opening of the Congress, Mr. Thomas Bach, President of the International Olympic Committee (IOC), who addressed the Congress and handed-over to Mr. Usmanov the IOC Trophy of Olympic Values.

Mr. Bach greeted the members of the Executive Committee and delegates warmly, saying, “I am happy for the many achievements of fencing and how fencing is living the Olympic Values.” Mr. Bach went on to encourage delegates to “be a part of the change you want to see.” 


FIE President Alisher Usmanov addresses the Annual Congress in Lausanne.


Zoran Stojanovic, the, President of the North Macedonia Fencing Federation, and Biljana Kuzmanovska Nikolovska, member of the Executive Board of the Federation, together with the President of the International Olympic Committee, Mr. Thomas Bach, also fencer like us.

23.11.2019 Eskrim Cup

The Cup of the Eskrim fencing club from Skopje was held on 23.11.2019. The competition was held in the categories of under 14, cadets and seniors, for men and women. Our guests were teams from Thessaloniki – Greece and Osijek – Croatia
The U14 category was held under the EFC U14 Circuit authority.