National Championship for Young Categories

The National Championship for U14 and Cadets was held today. Congratulations to all the participants and medalists.
The complete results are here:

All Medalists
All Medalists
BUNDALESKI OgnenMK ESKRIMMKDU-14 Men’s EpeeGold (1st)
DAMJANOSKI PetarMK ESKRIMMKDU-14 Men’s EpeeSilver (2nd)
TODOROVSKI MatejMK ESKRIMMKDU-14 Men’s EpeeBronze (3rd)
DESPOTOVSKI AleksaMK ESKRIMMKDU-14 Men’s EpeeBronze (3rd)
DAMJANOSKA IskraMK ESKRIMMKDCadet Women’s EpeeGold (1st)
TRPKOVSKA MilaMK ESKRIMMKDCadet Women’s EpeeSilver (2nd)
BLAZEVSKA DafinaMK ESKRIMMKDCadet Women’s EpeeBronze (3rd)
KOCEVSKA NedaMK ESKRIMMKDCadet Women’s EpeeBronze (3rd)
VELICKOVSKI JovanMK ESKRIMMKDCadet Men’s EpeeGold (1st)
NIKOLOVSKI NikolaMK ESKRIMMKDCadet Men’s EpeeSilver (2nd)
SRBINOSKI PetarMK BORECMKDCadet Men’s EpeeBronze (3rd)
BOZINOVSKI SimonMK ESKRIMMKDCadet Men’s EpeeBronze (3rd)

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